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Want to take the hard work out of business communications? Say hello to Upwire – the new
platform that lets you set up automated phone call, SMS and email flows in minutes.

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Voice, SMS and email in one.

Voice calls going unanswered? Automatically send an email. Want to trigger a call from a customer’s SMS? No problem. Upwire let’s you easily set up cross-channel communications.

A true 2-way conversation.

You can use Upwire for all sorts of tasks – from friendly reminders and receipts to market research. Upwire can even help you deliver messages tailored to your customer’s response, so you’re set for any scenario.

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No coding required.

With its simple drag ‘n’ drop interface, Upwire gives you the power to design and switch on sophisticated communication flows in minutes, even if you have no coding experience.

Get feedback, instantly.

No more waiting around for things to happen. With Upwire you can make changes to your campaign on the spot and see the results in real time.

Never miss a trick.

With Upwire’s user-friendly features, you can take control of
your data – and take advantage of endless opportunities to
connect with your customers and team.

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Two-way communications

Quickly build responsive communication circuits incorporating your choice of SMS, voice calls and email.

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Drag ’n’ drop

Upwire’s smart circuit builder lets you snap together the components you need by simply dragging them into place. It’s quick, simple and there’s no coding required.

Voice, Email, SMS & webpage builder

Create content rich emails, web pages and microsites using Upwire as a ‘one-stop shop’. Upwire even assigns them handy shortened URLs.

Failsafe connections

Upwire communications mean you’ll never have to worry about drop-outs. If one method fails, Upwire can seamlessly switch to another alternative.

Simple API drop-down integration

By connecting directly with your existing business systems, Upwire can tap into your data to help you use it more effectively.

Live analytics

Monitor, adjust and optimise your communication circuits in real time via Upwire’s live analytics dashboard.

Pre-prepared components

Upwire is ready to go from the moment you start. Choose to kick off with a pre-built circuit or see your own design come to life in minutes.

Tailored for your
individual business needs.

Whether you’re conducting market research or managing

accounts payable, Upwire can help you communicate with

your audience in a swifter, smarter and more effective way.

Keep closer tabs on cashflow

Upwire can help you take full control of your accounts payment process, leaving you free to focus on the rest of your job.
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Automated workforce management

With Upwire taking care of staff communications, rostering headaches can be a thing of the past.
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Get insights, instantly

Market research doesn’t have to be complicated or costly – with Upwire, you can create polls and surveys and get results in minutes.
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Free to set up.*
Free to use your way.

* SMS, email and voice call costs apply.

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